Online Temple Services

Puja Services is an online digital robust platform which offers online access to Puja bookings for 1000 plus Temples across Telangana, Andhra, Bengaluru and USA. Coping up with the busy lives, nature of work and inaccessibility to Temples, devotees have been finding it difficult to visit Temples and perform a Puja. To address these problems, our platform has been developed to bridge the gap virtually between the devotees and the Temple services which is just a click away. The Pujas and services of the onboarded Temples are listed on our portal which can booked without any hassles. Devotees can get a Puja done on their behalf, book a seva online and avail any of the listed services remotely.

All of the listed Temples on our portal are accessible by devotees across the globe thus enhancing the reach of the Temples. Events and rituals at the Temples are listed which encourages the devotees to be a part of all the activities of a Temple. All of the Pujas shall be conducted by an accomplished priest who shall strictly adhere to the Vidhi.

Benefits for Temples

Online booking of services for the devotees
Exclusive page for Temple services
Enhanced donation opportunities
Remote seva options to the devotees
Social media management for the Temple
Sponsorship opportunities
Free website for the Temple
Events calendar for each Temple
Online Temple database with map directions